Learning To Fly

While this article can’t actually teach you to fly an airplane, what it can do it help you get the most out of the lessons you are paying for. Well, the number one piece of advice for you is: LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR! Just see what you can do if you’ve earned your license. Check […]

Using Your Pilot’s License

Do you remember being sixteen and getting your driver’s license? Suddenly, you were free. You weren’t dependent on your parents to go anywhere. You didn’t have to beg for rides from your friends. A car meant you didn’t have to be bored ever again! Well, maybe it wasn’t quite that great, but it seemed like […]

Night at the Movies Page

In this page, you can find a great collection of aviation videos and movies that were collected by Chapter 272 members from a number of sources.  We’re pretty sure that you’ll find them interesting and if you would happen to know of more videos that might be interesting to our aviators, please inform us. The […]

Young Eagles

Dreams… Catalysts for achievement As a young boy, I grew up in Chicago in the 1940s. I still can vividly recall when we watched the black-and-white World War II Movietone newsreels footage. I even remember how we watched military aviation legends in action such as Bob Hoover, Joe Foss, and “Tex” Hill. It was those […]

Aviation Training and Career

Aviation Education The MnDOT Aviation Education Website offers lots of aviation-related information. It is a great source of information for students, teachers, and other people interested in the world of aviation. Teachers and students will learn a lot about educational aviation curricula and other post-secondary careers and university and college information. Check out the following […]

EAA Chapter Leadership Workshops

Chapter Leadership Workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of Chapters and Squadrons. They are conducted by EAA Chapter Office staff and Chapter Advisory Council Members and are at no cost to Chapter Members. The sessions are highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to share your experiences with […]

EAA Local Chapters

The first EAA Local Chapter was started in 1953, when Ray Stits and a group of like-minded friends got together at Flabob Airport in Riverside, Calif. In the 35 years since Chapter 1 was formed, that number expanded to 500. As remarkable as that grassroots-level growth was, it pales compared to the last decade. Since […]

EAA Workshop – Building Skills

For many, the idea of building their own aircraft is just that — an idea. One of the major challenges facing the first-time homebuilder can be acquiring the skills necessary to assure timely completion of the project without wasting time, energy, materials or money. Recognizing this, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) recently established the EAA […]

Learn How To Fly A Plane

Learning how to fly is somewhere on most people’s bucket list. If you have made the decision to actually mark that item off your list, congratulations! Just making the commitment to try to get your pilot’s license is more than most people ever do. If you have the desire to learn to fly a plane, why […]