Learn How To Fly A Plane

Learning how to fly is somewhere on most people’s bucket list. If you have made the decision to actually mark that item off your list, congratulations! Just making the commitment to try to get your pilot’s license is more than most people ever do.

If you have the desire to learn to fly a plane, why is it so difficult to actually do it? First, flying isn’t easy or cheap. A driver’s license costs less than $100. Depending on what state you are in, a driver’s education course may be required, but those courses are usually fairly inexpensive, as well, and only requires a few hours of driving experience.

A used car may only cost a few hundred dollars if you don’t mind driving a piece of junk. In comparison, flight training costs several thousand dollars and can take several months to complete. Most pilots never own their own plane due to the expense.

“Only rich people can afford to fly for a hobby,” you may think. That is not entirely true. In other pages of this website, we will look at the expense. While it isn’t a cheap hobby, there are ways for middle-class people to enjoy flying also.

While time and money are both important when you decide to get your pilot’s license, dedication and commitment are even more important. Even if you have plenty of money and time, if you lack dedication, you will never succeed in getting your license. Commitment to your goal will go a long way toward making up for a smaller bank account or lack of free time.

Stop here and really consider whether you are committed to learning how to fly. If there is any doubt in your mind, walk away now before you waste any more time or money. Wait until you are absolutely sure you can give this goal your full attention.

If you feel dedicated enough to see this project through, I encourage you to begin as soon as possible. As you age, it becomes harder and harder to meet the requirements for physical and mental proficiency. Wouldn’t it be sad to finally decide to pursue your license, only to discover you aren’t considered fit to fly anymore?

As a quick reference, here is a list of the aviation administrations in the major English-speaking countries:

  • FAA – Federal Aviation Administration. Part of the United States Department of Transportation. Regulates all civil flight in the US and maintains the air traffic control system in the US.
  • EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency. United Kingdom agency of the European Union. Oversees all civil aviation safety in the UK.
  • CASA – Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Handles air safety in Australia.
  • Air services Australia – Handles licensing and regulatory functions in Australia
  • Transport Canada – Governs pilot licensing in Canada
  • CAR – Canadian Aviation Regulations. License or permit required for all crew members on any flight in Canada.

Although the recommendations on this website should apply, regardless of which country you are in, you should also do independent research to make sure none of the regulations have changed.

This website is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for learning to fly. Instead, it is merely a place of advice, intended to guide you through the process of getting your license, finding a plane, and then putting both to good use.

Mindset To Getting Your Pilot’s License

These articles aren’t a training course to get your pilot’s license, however, they can help you set realistic goals with the right attitude. It can also help you find ways to put your new license to use.

If you are really serious about getting your pilot’s license, training is the most important factor. Train, and train often. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to master. Use the same focus and motivation you would on any new skill.

Don’t let nerves and anxiety stop you from learning to fly if that is what you want to do. Remember, the only mode of transportation that is safer than an airplane is an elevator.

This book has only touched on some things that may help you make the decision to get your pilot’s license. Continue to educate yourself by talking to instructors and members of aviation clubs. Read everything you can about flying. Keep an eye out for business opportunities that will let you use your pilot’s license.

Above all, DON’T GIVE UP!