Night at the Movies Page

In this page, you can find a great collection of aviation videos and movies that were collected by Chapter 272 members from a number of sources.  We’re pretty sure that you’ll find them interesting and if you would happen to know of more videos that might be interesting to our aviators, please inform us.

The Lark of Duluth…..
Take a look at this interesting video made by EAA member Brady Lane. The video documents the construction and history of a replica of a Benoist flying boat from 1913.  This type of aircraft was developed by the famous Duluth Aviation Institute. The project was overseen by chapter member Mark Marino.

Strawberry 5
The PBY Strawberry 5 found the Japanese fleet prior to the Battle of Midway… The Consolidated PBY is an American aircraft that’s also a boat that layer was also produced as an amphibious aircraft. In World War II, the plane was among the most-commonly used seaplanes. Watch this terrific and interesting Discovery Chanel video about the role this magnificent airplane played in the second world war.

Landing in Queenstown New Zealand
Known as the land of the long white cloud, if you fly into New Zealand you could well encounter this scenario.  Hold on to your seat.  This is spectacular.  This is the descent into Queenstown, New Zealand. Notice the mountain range he is flying toward.

Control Tower Buzz Job
This video was made a few years back when the Red Bull air races were held in San Francisco Bay. Because the entire area was Notamed out, the pilot made a few passes around the Oakland tower, giving the controllers on duty quite a show.